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What we offer

What We Offer

Beautifully constructed by the skilful local artisans, with local red stone, each cottage at the thoughtfully landscaped Camp exhibits the magnificent craftsmanship, while offering you all the amenities, including air conditioners and luxurious bathrooms...

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Little Rann of Kutch

Fascinating Little Rann of Kutch

Covering an area of 4954 Km2, Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat State, India, is one of the most remarkable and unique landscapes of its kind in the entire world. Wild Ass Sanctuary is located in this Rann which harbours the last population of Wild Ass (Equus hemionus khur) ...

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Testimonials from Guests

We discovered this Splendid Getaway Spot - Royal Safari Camp in Bajana, Gujarat.
My friend referred me to visit this place. I wasn't sure about what is it that this place will offer me, but thought of giving a chance.

– Steve Smith - Chicago, Illinois

we happened to know regarding this getaway on the net. looked very appealing . we just took a chance and booked . and today honestly we have no regrets at all. because we are left with very sweet memories of the camp resort.
the location is exquisite. Hospitability is excellent. Food is marvellous. rooms and esecially the bathrooms are very clean and upto the mark.

– Dr. Deepak Prabhu Udupi - Karnataka, India

its a really nice place, for adventure loving people. gives you an experience of safari. neat and clean environment, good food (veg & non veg).very good experience, a must visit place.

– Mann - Ahmedabad, India

The safari in the desert area gives you the feeling of difficult but genuine wild life, with nice animals and birds. It is an experience you will certainly appreciate.

– Giann - Rome, Italy

Excellent place to stay, fantastic hospitality, yummy food, lovely & serene sorrounding, nicely done up with all recreational facilities, we were looked after very well by all of them. Luv to go back again

– Hitendra Uppal - Pune, India how to get more fans on facebook