Enthralling Wildlife

Rich and diverse wildlife

Royal Safari Camp is situated at Bajana, in the district of Surendranagar, just on the edge of the little rann of Kutch, on the western part of Gujarat and on the gateway to the wild life sanctuary.

The Wild Ass Sanctuary

The sanctuary in the Little Rann of Kutch is a fascinating vast stretch of flat, salt cracked barren desert. This is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India, spanning some 4953 sq. km in area. The sanctuary is the only home of chestnut brown Asiatic Wild Ass or Ghudkhar, which is the last of India’s wild horse family, and one of the most endangered species in the world.

The sanctuary is also a home for gazelle, blue bull, wolf, and Indian foxes, jackal, jungle cat and hare. The sanctuary comprises of a range habitats from saline desert plains, arid grasslands, rocky and thorn scrub to lakes and marshes. It is also a home for Black Bucks and Wild Boar. The entire area is also a great place for people interested in desert vegetation.

Once at Royal Safari Camp, one can also plan an excursion to…

A heaven for bird-watchers

The vast expansion of brazen land is also a heaven for the birds and bird-watchers. The unique ecosystem of the sanctuary provides an important feeding, breeding and roosting habitat for a large number of birds. Its strategic location on the bird migration route and its connection with the dynamic Gulf of Kutch makes it a perfect choice for birds. Many parts of the Little Rann of Kutch provide ideal breeding grounds for some of the largest flocks of Greater and Lesser flamingos.

According to an estimate about 70,000-75,000 birds nests in an area spread over 250 acres. One of the most threatened birds, the great Indian bustard finds a refuge in certain pockets of protected areas. Birds like houbara bustard, francolin partridge, bustard quails, spotted & Indian sand grouse, desert wheatear, steppe eagle, short toed eagle, vulture, imperial eagle, laggard falcon, flamingos, ducks, cranes, pelicans and storks are found here.

There is also a fabulous lake called ‘Nava Talav’ built during the British Rule near Bajana. The lake, built to store excess water from nearby villages now serves as a home to many birds.

Once at Royal Safari Camp, one can also plan an excursion to The Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

This splendid sanctuary is the largest wetland bird sanctuary in Gujarat and also one of the largest in India. The Sanctuary includes a large lake with an area of about 123 sq km and its surrounding marshes. With the onset of autumn just after the end of the monsoon season, a large number of birds flock to the sanctuary. Their stopover lasts throughout the winter and the spring season.

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